London for families: Top tips to help you plan great family days out in London this summer. With plenty of time for questions, this interactive session covers topics including:

  • Royal London and the Changing of the Guard
  • Museums and galleries
  • Along the Thames 
  • Things to do in the City of London

Great garden days out: Find out about the history and work of three national organisations that support, run and care for gorgeous gardens across the country.

Gardens for our times: Discover new gardens created by leading landscape designers today, from urban rooftops and city parks, to extensive show gardens and intimate spaces designed with health in mind.

Gardens in art: A whirlwind tour from 1350 BCE to the present day.


City Treasures: Discover 2000 years of history, from the Romans to the present day, on our stroll through London's Square Mile.

Mental Wealth Discovery Walk - Perfect for teams!
Get to know your colleagues as we consider practical, everyday ways to support our mental health and a sense of personal wellbeing, finding inspiration and pools of calm in the midst of London's buzz and bustle.

Putting on the Ritz: Enjoy a heady mix of high society, high fashion and high finance on the streets of Piccadilly and St James, meeting dandies, quacks and courtesans along the way.

Explore London's medical history, from medieval monasteries, body-snatchers, pestilence and plague, to medical discoveries shaping healthcare today. Locations: Bloomsbury or the City.

You'll find details of other tours I offer below:


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