How to get in touch

To plan and book a tour, please contact me with details about your group, what you have in mind and any dates. I'll come back to you with some ideas and suggestions tailored for you and a quote.

Barrels & Mastaba - Christo and Jeanne ClaudeSerpentine, 2018
Barrels & Mastaba

Christo and Jeanne Claude

Serpentine, 2018

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Are your tours suitable for children?
We are always happy to welcome children as part of a family group, but please be aware that many of our tours include a fair amount of walking and are best suited to children aged 8 or over.

For details of tours designed especially for young butterfly minds, please see our Children's Tours.

Answers to questions people often ask

How long is a City Treasures tour?
That depends on what you want to do, the number of people in your group and the time you have available.

  • A quick dip tour lasts around 45 minutes to 1 hour and is ideal for getting people together before a meal or an evening event.
  • A focus tour takes a more leisurely 1½ to 2 hours. Focus tours are great for family groups celebrating a birthday, friends marking a special event or colleagues looking to do something different as a team get-together.
  • A half day adventure takes around 3 hours - perfect for visitors wanting to explore London and for children's adventures.
  • Full day tours last around 6 to 7 hours, including leisurely breaks.

How big can a group be?
Small groups of up to 10 or 12 are generally best. This means everyone can hear, getting about is easier and it also gives people a chance to ask questions during the tour. We're happy to work with larger groups, particularly for special events.

Can you organise a meal after our tour?
We always end our tours in area where you'll find lots of options for restaurants, bars and cafes and are happy to offer a few suggestions for places you might want to try.

Are entrance fees, transport an refreshments included?
You will need to cover any entrance fees or travel costs (for example, if you choose to visit St Paul's Cathedral or the Tower of London or if we use public transport or taxis). We will give you an indication of these costs before you book. With the exception of London Garden tours, refreshments are not included.

When do your tours run?
Tours usually run within three time slots: in the morning up to 1pm, in the afternoon between 1pm and 6pm and in the evening from 6pm onwards.


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