Family Tours

A Royal Adventure

Discover kings, queens and mythical beasts as we go exploring in the heart of London. You'll experience the Changing of the Guard, see many of London's most famous places. There are games for the eagle-eyed along the way too.

Heroes & Villains

Meet people who made history, from a warrior queen and a cavalier king, to the man who banned Christmas and women who rocked the world to win the vote. Were they heroes or villains? You decide.

City Scavenger Hunt

Find a gold leopard, meet a swashbuckling sailor and discover a Roman amphitheatre right under your feet on our action-packed adventure through the City of London.

British Museum Time Travel Adventure

Travel back in time and across continents to meet Greek gods, ancient Egyptian pharaohs and fierce Viking warriors at the British Museum. What will you put into your time capsule?

Our children's tour materials have been beautifully illustrated by Amanda Perkins. Find out more about her illustrations, cards and prints at


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