Explore London's medical history

Discover London's colourful stories of health and healing - past, present and future - on walking tours and gallery visits with a medical twist. These special interest tours are tailored for your group and the time you have available. Tours can also be arranged to include or to end at one of London's many fascinating medical museums.

A Picture of Health at the National Gallery

Explore health and wellbeing, from food and physical exercise to mindfulness and madness, through works by artists including mosaicist Boris Anrep and painters Titian, William Hogarth and Vincent Van Gogh.

Wellbeing Discovery Walks

Consider practical, everyday ways to support and maintain mental health and a sense of personal wellbeing, finding inspiration and pools of calm in the midst of London's buzz and bustle. (South Kensington. Covent Garden, or the City).

City of Healing

Explore health and healing in the City of London, from medieval monasteries, body-snatchers, pestilence and plague, to medical discoveries, the birth of the NHS and healthcare today.

From Beer Street to Gin Lane

Step back into the eighteenth century to discover London's most notorious slum and stark inequalities between rich and poor on our walk through Bloomsbury to meet doctors, scientists and social reformers along the way.


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