Explore London's great galleries and musuems

Choose from highlight tours of London's museums and galleries, including:

The National Gallery, British Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain, and Victoria & Albert Museum.

For a full day adventure there's the Great Gallery Explorer. Pick two galleries and we'll visit one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with time for lunch and a gentle walking tour in between.

Special interest and themed tours include:

Culture Bites at the British Museum: We take a detailed look at an ancient culture. Choose to Party like a Greek, Feast like a Roman, Study like an Assyrian, Fight like a Viking or Walk like an Egyptian.

British Treasures at the British Museum: Travel back in time to discover a golden cape, a Viking ship, fierce Norse warriors, a solid gold cup, a hoard of Roman treasure and a room alive with ticks and tocks.

A Christmas tour of the National Gallery: Join three kings, amazed shepherds and a host of angels to celebrate the season. Will you spot the Christmas pudding?

Lessons in Love: Top tips on love and marriage from painters through the centuries. We consider domestic bliss, domestic boredom, a cautionary tale of why you should never marry for money or power, and how to keep the spark alive on our tour of the National Gallery.

A Picture of Health at the National Gallery: Explore health and wellbeing, from food and physical exercise to mindfulness and madness, through works by artists including mosaicist Boris Anrep and painters Titian, William Hogarth and Vincent Van Gogh.

Women who Rock: A brief encounter at the National Portrait Gallery with daring, influential and controversial women who rocked their worlds. From queens and courtesans to activists and artists - all have left a vital legacy of social and cultural change.


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